Where can I find business partners? What steps do I need to take to expand to Mexico? Which products or services have high potential in Mexico? What are the experiences of other Dutch entrepreneurs? Where can I find office space? Holland House Mexico provides answers to these, and other questions, through our consultancy services.



Holland House Mexico provides a variety of services to help organizations thrive in the Mexican market. They can best be understood through the synergy of four key concepts: Business Development, Network, Community and Soft-Landing. HHM offers a tailored approach for each individual organization to ensure the most effective facilitation in the market. Some of the services are executed by our team, others are outsourced to our trusted partners.


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Business Intelligence & Development

  • Market research & scans
  • Trade missions
  • Sector studies
  • Workshops, seminars & webinars
  • Matchmaking & partner search

Soft landing

  • Local representation
  • How to set up your business in Mexico
  • Logistics & customs
  • Legal, tax & accounting
  • Recruitment & payroll, outsourcing
  • Premium office space, flexible or fixed, & meeting rooms, commercial address
  • Translations, visas


  • Industry insights
  • Networking events
  • Digital and presential trade missions
  • Dutch pavilions at industry trade fairs
  • Digital promotion


  • Exchange of best practices
  • Exposure & company branding
  • Focused committees

Sofia Arriaga

Office Manager Siebtechnik Tema

There are two goals of the “Representative for a Day” service: to provide local help to Dutch companies that eventually want to settle in Mexico and for them to hire full-time their local representative. I am very pleased to be HHM’s first case of success with this service. I am enthusiastic about my job with Siebtechnik Tema because I will be laying the groundwork for their operations in Mexico.

Marco Aceves

Head of Marketing and Brand Manager Taamay Trading

In Holland House Mexico we found people who were genuinely interested in supporting businesses like ours to succeed commercially in both countries.

Fernando Flores


Doing business in Mexico requires solid preparation. The main issue entrepreneurs might face is a lack of understanding of the Mexican mindset. With the right concept, the right preparation, and a little bit of help from parties such as HHM, achieving sustainable business success is just a matter of time.

Stef Sep

Area Sales Manager Hencon

The first thing Holland House Mexico did is learn about our business, our products and the type of clients we are looking for. I was very impressed by how well they understood this. They contacted all these clients and organised online meetings with the right decision makers of these potential clients. This was so successful that shortly after these online meetings I organised a trip to Mexico and visited a couple of these clients. My experience with Holland House Mexico has been absolutely wonderful, and I highly recommend you to ask them to assist you to further grow your business in Mexico.