Frutos Guadalajara

Frutos Guadalajara was constituted in 2017, the result of a business vision which aims to export Mexican avocados to different parts of the world mainly serving the European, Canadian and Asian market.

tests and monitoring are constantly being carried out to improve their harvesting and cultivation techniques.

The fruits are crosses or grafts of different varieties that are carried out in the field, so they are not genetically modified products (GMO).

The company manages farms of different growers in the state of Jalisco (2,000 Ha) and Nayarit (3,000 Ha).

Under the Frutos Guadalajara brand, it is expected to install an avocado packaging center for local and international traders, with their fruit stockpiled from other growers.

In the near future, Frutos Guadalajara expects to have a secondary offer with value-added products, such as avocado paste and guacamole, oils for human and industrial consumption, IQF (frozen), and freeze-dried (dehydrated).

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Frutos Guadalajara

Buenos Aires 2362, Circunvalación Americas, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

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