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Garza Tello-Clyde Co is one of the leading law firms in Mexico’s Offshore Oil and Gas Sector. Garza Tello-Clyde Co is a full service law firm for offshore oil & gas companies who are entering and/or operating in the energy market.

They have been providing legal expertise to oil and gas service providers and advising the majority of the drilling companies that have started operations in Mexico. Their expertise includes: offshore international public tenders and contracts with private and state owned companies; advising on the licenses and permits required to perform offshore activities in Mexico; and offshore contract litigation.

Garza Tello-Clyde Co’s multi-disciplined lawyers have a thorough understanding of the industry, its drivers and the issues its clients encounter in order to provide a full service legal advise. Their continuous client support has established their law firm as a ‘go-to’ in the market for major operators and contractors on all issues.

Camino a Sta. Teresa No. 187-C 5to. Piso
México City, 14010


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Garza Tello-Clyde Co

Camino a Sta. Teresa, Parques del Pedregal, Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

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