Grupo GOCA

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Grupo GOCA is a diversified company. GOCA Constructora is focused on delivering construction solutions for manufacturing plants and industrial development, especially in moving land, pavements, civil works and maintenance. CERAGO is part of the real-estate sector. DERMAGIS is a lab that creates formulas for dermatology and cosmetology industries. RAGODI is our new business unit, which will be focused on agroindustry.

We also believe in the power of education, so INICIATIVA GOCA, our foundation, commits to make quality learning more accessible in Mexico.

Our companies, catering to needs in different industries and sectors, all come together with the same commitment to improve Mexico’s business environment and society.


Carretera México-Pachuca km 81.3
San Antonio El Desmonte
Pachuca, Hidalgo 42111

Phone (553) 334-6535

Grupo GOCA

Carretera Federal Pachuca - Mexico , Pachuca de Soto

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