Nieuws Published at 25 September 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility: Breakfast Conference on 24 September

Breakfast conference Corporate Social Responsibility: beyond Reforestation

On Tuesday 24 September, Holland House Mexico in cooperation with silver member and sponsor Groasis, organized a breakfast conference together with the Chambers of Commerce CAMEXA, SWISSCHAM and CANCHAM on Corporate Social Responsibility at Hacienda de los Morales, Mexico City.

With the participation of both private and public sector representatives, the morning created a platform for an open dialogue in which various concepts regarding CSR could be discussed.

The morning was opened by Judith Maas, Head Economic Affairs of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Mexico. She emphasized the strategy of the Dutch government in obtaining its CSR goals for the near and further future. 

Next, a panel of experts in CSR from leading international companies was opened by moderator and HHM manager Carin Verbree. Speakers came from within the participating Chambers of Commerce: Aidée Zamorano from Zurich Mexico (SWISSCHAM), Paola Cázaras from Agnico Eagle (CANCHAM) and Juan David Zuluaga from Daimler (CAMEXA). The panel agreed that a solid CSR strategy is a fundamental part of the broader company value proposition and strategy and can only be effective while based on open dialogue. This dialogue should be held on all levels: from the community receiving aid to the company´s CSR department, but also between the CSR department to the executive board of the company. CSR should not be relevant only for those working in the respective department, but should penetrate all layers of an organization. The panel also made an appeal to the public sector for open dialogue and tools that measure progress in CSR.    

From Teleton México, speaker Enrique Ibarrando Ariza shared a passionate story of success with the audience. Then it was time for the main sponsor, Groasis, to introduce their revolutionary solution: the Groasis Waterbox. Pieter Hoff, inventor of the Groasis technology, had flown in from The Netherlands personally to explain how the waterbox works precisely: optimizing the available water and protecting the young plant thus creating an optimal micro-environment for successful reforestation. The technology has a success rate of over 90% and works even in the most arid and defying of places, such as deserts and contaminated areas. General director of Groasis Javier Martinez explained the reforestation efforts of Groasis through the NGO GreenIcon.

The last speaker of the morning was Rafael Obregón Viloria, from FONDESO. Accompanied by various actors from the government of Mexico City as well as the federal government, he stressed the government’s commitment to equality and diversity, as well as the objectives towards cleaner air in Mexico City and better water management. 

Overall, the session made for an inspiring morning that will certainly contribute to better and more practices in CSR.

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