Published on March 26, 2020


On 25 March HHM hosted its first webinar. In critical times like these, webinars are the ultimate solution to keep everyone informed about the current situation, ask and answer questions and discuss strategies for the future.

The objectives of this webinar were to obtain insights in some of the current challenges that Mexico´s economy is facing and identify strategies, solutions and measures that can be taken by companies to minimize damage. Simultaneously, the webinar looked beyond the obvious obstacles and identified a series of opportunities on the Mexican market. 

Mrs. Judith Maas, Deputy Head of Mission at the Dutch Embassy in Mexico, started the first presentation and spoke about the current situation in the Netherlands, the measures that are being taken and the solutions that the Dutch government is providing for individuals and companies. She notably stated that there has not been announced any financial help from the Mexican government for companies.

Next, Mr. Karel van Laack, CEO of Atradius in Mexico, took over and discussed financial risks in times of crisis. He explained the possible economic consequences as a result of the corona crisis and current economic environment. He continued to share a list of very practical tips that can be implemented in organizations, regardless of their size, to ensure a healthy continuation of the business.

Mr. Guido van der Zwet, General Manager Commerce at IPS Powerful People, started the third presentation and spoke about the influence of the oil devaluation on the Mexican economy. He introduced oil devaluation, gave a political update and spoke about the energy climate and reforms in Mexico. In the second part of his presentation he explained in detail the effects and prospects of the oil devaluation on the Mexican economy.

Mr. Posma, Director of Mexico Business Publishing, was the last speaker during this webinar. He presented how the China-US trade war creates opportunities for Mexico. In 2019, it was Mexico and not China who was the largest trade partner of the USA – promising figures for the future.

Mrs. Carin Verbree, Manager of Holland House Mexico, and Mr. Thomas Berbée, HHM Energy & Maritime Coordinator, were responsible for the introduction, moderation and conclusion of this webinar. Team Holland House Mexico wants to thank the speakers and all the participants for joining this first webinar. We have experienced this as a very effective and informative online meeting, and we are looking forward to future webinars.