Nieuws Published at 29 August 2019

Holland Talent fair Mexico: A Success Story

“The fair gave us the chance to find our perfect fit.”


Interview with Ellis Bolaños, HR Country Manager Mexico for DLL and Victor Olguin, Management Trainee at DLL about their experience at the Holland House Mexico talent fair in April. 

My first question is to you, Ellis. Since when has DLL been a member of Holland House Mexico and what was your reason to join?

We have been members since February, the beginnings of Holland House Mexico. Last year a director in our team arrived to our Mexico office from the Netherlands, and he helped us make contact with HHM. When HHM Manager Carin Verbree approached us, we spoke about the experiences we had had in attracting new talent. In Mexico there is at times a lack of getting closer to the countries of the companies that have offices here. We talked about the opportunities and positive impact it could bring to our business, and one of the things that we were very interested in was the talent fair.

Was the fair the first HHM event you participated in?

Yes, the fair was our first activity. The reason why we were so eager to participate is because we were looking to recruit a new trainee for our special global Management Trainee program. This initiative was started by DLL one year ago and came to Mexico this year. It is an 18-month trajectory where a new trainee is exposed to all aspects of the international leasing business and goes through an intensive development program where the focus lies on increasing financial, commercial and managerial skills. To find a new trainee we first performed an internal search, but our finalist had to leave the company in the last phase. Then we received the invitation for the talent fair, an excellent opportunity to find our candidate. 

Victor, did you know DLL before the fair, and did you speak with Ellis personally at the fair?

I had a friend who works at DLL. I got to know her during my studies at the University of Tilburg in The Netherlands. I knew that they were an interesting company and an attractive place to work. Because I am an alumnus of a Dutch university, I am active on the alumni page of Nuffic. This is an organization which seeks to connect Mexican students with universities in The Netherlands. On this page I saw the invitation for the Holland House talent fair. Because I was looking for a job and had a lot of interest in international companies, I immediately signed up for it. At the fair I came to the stand of DLL and got to know Ellis personally.

Ellis, how did it go at the fair and what steps did you take afterwards?

We spoke to many people, and could explain what we were looking for. This was someone who had a finance background, spoke proficient English and also had some experience with moving to different countries. In Mexico, many people are used to staying at home during their studies. The fact that there were many alumni with experience abroad, gave us the opportunity to find the fit for our profile. Those who were interested put their name on a list. After the fair we received their CVs and did a selection. We ended with three candidates of whom two were people we met at the fair. Victor became our new trainee. One of the things that was very attractive about his profile was his degree at Tilburg University, which we knew because one of our company executives went there. 

Victor, could you explain a bit more about your role in the company right now?

At the moment I am in business support. The idea is that I am going to rotate in different areas of the company. I will also be going to two other countries to work at the DLL offices there, and gain more experience. At the end, based on my professional and personal interests, as well as those of the company, I will become part of a particular area. It is a good way to learn and get to know what you really want. 

Ellis, what kind of new things could be included in the HHM Talent Fair next year?

I think the talent fair could be a great opportunity not only in the attraction of talent but also to share good practices between companies, and give advice to students choosing their career. We could have a talk about recruitment where companies can discuss what kind of approaches they have taken here in Mexico. Companies could also do presentations for students, for example on how to present yourself in a job interview. Many students feel that they are not necessarily well prepared when they leave university. We are here, as human resource people, to share knowledge and give tips. This would make the Talent Fair an even richer experience.

Victor, would you like to participate in the fair next year as a DLL representative?

I would be very happy to go. I could share my experiences with people. Of course, it depends on whether I will be in Mexico at that time or in another country!

Finally, Ellis, what other activities are you looking forward to with the Holland House Mexico?

I spoke to Carin about the topic of diversity. This is something which is very important in everything we do at this company. It would be very exciting to participate in an event where this is discussed.