Published on December 21, 2020

How is Aeromexico regaining trust of its passengers?

During the last few months, we have experienced a total change in our way of
living. Overnight, our life was affected and we had to begin to adapt to a new
normal. The use of face masks, social distancing and lockdown were part of our
everyday lives, but, just as we have had to learn to live with the pandemic derived
from COVID-19, companies around the world have had to adapt to be able to
continue to take care of their customers.
One of the clearest examples is the case of the Mexico’s global airline, Aeromexico.
This company has worked since the beginning of the pandemic to create and
implement measures and processes that provide safety to its clients and
employees at every stage of their journey.

Through its Health and Sanitization Management System, Aeromexico has ensured
that costumers can have peace of mind throughout their travel experience, from
the moment they arrive at the airport until they land at their destination.


  • For Aeromexico it is important that both customers and employees feel safe
    all the time, that is why all aircraft are disinfected with antivirals and
    through a fogging process before each flight. They also reinforced the
    cleaning process in all their facilities.

At the airport:

  • When you arrive at the airport, you can be sure that both the crew and staff
    who will assist you, have gone through an evaluation process and have
    followed a protocol for identifying possible cases. If possible cases are
    detected, the health authorities are notified. In the same way, there will be
    hand sanitizer on all counters and there will be a single queue for the
    boarding process.

During the flight:

  • Inside the aircraft, the protocols are still strictly respected, and the entire
    crew is equipped with protective equipment for their safety and clients’.
    Also, you can find hand sanitizer and both food and drinks are delivered
    packaged for the peace of mind of the passengers.
  • The crew is also trained to implement protocols in case of detecting a
    possible case of COVID-19. If this situation occurs, the passenger is
    isolated, the crew provides a KN-95 mask to control the spread of the virus,
    and notifies the health authorities to intervene upon landing.

Aeromexico is one of the worldwide pioneers in the creation of a system that can
protect its clients and employees, created by a Medical Advisory Committee
comprised of governmental experts and epidemiologists to ensure a standard of
health and cleanliness in all their operations, to supervise that the measures are
applied constantly and consistently.
So far, the Health and Sanitization Management System has registered the
following figures (mid December):

  • More than 46,000 deep sanitization procedures on airplanes.
  • More than 23 thousand pre-flight medical examinations, rapid tests and PCR for ground personnel and crews.
  • More than 1.9 million protection elements for ground employees and crews.
  • More than 30 thousand liters of antibacterial gel on land and on board and
    more than 16 thousand liters of baggage sanitizer.

It is clear that difficult times still await us to return to the lifestyle we had before,
but it is encouraging to see companies like Aeromexico are taking care of the
health and well-being of their customers. So if you have to travel or are planning a
future vacation, rest assured that you will be well cared for by each of the
Aeromexico employees.

By Jonathan Olivas Montüfar, External Communications & P.R. / Europe & Asia - Aeromexico