news Published on November 30, 2020

Mexican berries: matching Dutch expertise to a solid berry industry

In its last 25 years of existence, the Mexican berry industry has become the third largest exported agricultural product in the country. The importance of our industry lies in the economic and social development of the country; it creates around 400,000 jobs and prioritizes social welfare, industry workers and their families.

In commercial matters, more than 400,000 tons of Mexican berries are exported to 38 countries around the world, generating significant income for the national economy and building important international relationships.

Within this important growth for the industry, Aneberries was born and became one of the main driving forces behind the industry. This association is made up of the most important manufacturers, exporters, and developers in the industry.

Aneberries is an organization that works for its members every day, maintaining and promoting unity and collaboration for the same goals with each one of its members all across the country. With this in mind, we strive to accompany Mexican exports and to create added value for the global berry supply through reliable curves and high quality. Always putting the food safety of our fruits first, promoting social responsibility and environmental awareness, which has undoubtedly enabled us to reach more than 38 countries in the world and make efforts to reach many more.

Aneberries mission is to bring the berries industry together in an organized and specialized association, protect their interests and achieve their maximum potential by making them profitable and sustainable; to bring the best companies together and through their union to preserve the integrity, order, and prestige of the Mexican berry industry.

 Aneberries operates under key target activities:


  • Food safety: In this process, we strive to comply with the necessary measures to ensure both the quality and hygiene of all production processes and, in this sense, to meet the requirements of each export destination

  • Plant Health: The main objective is to control all types of pests that may appear in the area in order to control them and avoid export restrictions.

  • Social Responsibility: Undoubtedly a very important issue with an emphasis on upholding the rights of every worker as well as developing and strengthening social awareness in our affiliated companies.

  • Markets: In commercial matters, our priority is to diversify each new market and we want to be increasingly present in each of them.


After all, the European market is very important for Mexican berries, and the Netherlands is one of the most important entry points for us into this market. For this reason, we would like to maintain and further develop this cooperation relationship, which is so important for the "berries of Mexico".


The world-leading position that The Netherlands holds in the Agri & Horticulture industry gives ample opportunities from technology, the know-how, materials to logistics, to match the opportunities and the Dutch offer to the needs and requirements in the Mexican industry. Through exchange within the private sector, but also with the Academia and its expertise to help Mexican producers from the very beginning of the harvesting process.


Aneberries & Holland House Mexico are both solid member-based organization that from its core business match each other. Aneberries working towards the improvement of the berries industry looking towards the diversification of their markets and, HHM helping Dutch companies entering Mexico. In this sense, to serve as the bridge to link the Mexican berries industry with Dutch expertise.


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By Mario Ramírez, Aneberries Statistics and Communication Manager