news Published on October 13, 2020

New Operations at Holland House Mexico: Introducing HHM Agri-Food & Horticulture

Holland House Mexico is excited to announce that it is launching new operations in the area of Agri-food & Horticulture. We will be focussing on three principle fields: agri- and horticulture, cattle and dairy, and food retail to help Dutch companies thrive in the Mexican market.

When one thinks of the Netherlands, a landscape of polder grassland, windmills, black and white cows and tulips pop up. This emblematic image is not just loved by tourists from every part of the world, but also symbolizes the deep connection that the Dutch have with agriculture. The Netherlands is renowned worldwide for its high-quality products, advanced agricultural technology and innovative research. Many Dutch companies and institutions are active at a global scale in developing industry and consulting governments and the private sector in solutions for growing food, flowers and livestock. Wageningen University, located in the east of the country, is the premier global institution for research and innovation in agrosciences.

 In Mexico, Dutch companies are capitalizing on the vast potential that this country has to offer. With an equally rich agricultural tradition, large and varied territory and a vast agricultural workforce, Mexico’s agricultural future holds big potential. In recent years, the industry has seen a trend from low level to mid and high-level technology. A growing population and shifting consumer trends have put pressure on the industry to innovate to meet demand. These factors present significant opportunities for Dutch companies with their high-end expertise. Dutch agrobusinesses in Mexico are active in a wide range of areas. Some examples are high quality seeds, greenhouse technology, pest management and food processing.  Additionally, there has been increasing research collaboration between Dutch companies, scientists of Wageningen University, Mexican companies and Mexican-based international institutions such as CIMMYT.

 We are excited to announce that soon we will be launching a new section of our activities at Holland House Mexico: HHM Agri-food & Horticulture; a sector specifically designed for industry related issues. We will be looking at three principle fields: agri- and horticulture, cattle and dairy, and food retail. Our mission is to become a support pillar for all companies that have a presence in Mexico, or are looking to become active in the country in the future. Offering a wide range of services including market research, matchmaking and participation in industry events, we can provide the essential steps needed to succeed and grow. We will be holding our first launch event in the coming months welcoming participants from the entire industry.  Meanwhile, we will be opening our doors to new memberships of our Chamber for those who want to enjoy all the benefits and services we provide. We look forward to exploring these fertile grounds with you!