Published on October 27, 2020

Webinar Back to the office:How to prepare for the "New Normal"

On 18 June, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Mexico and Holland House Mexico hosted a webinar concerning the safe return to the office and corporate culture in the “new normal”.


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After several weeks of confinement and home office due to the COVID-19 health contingency, it is time to prepare for a safe return to the office and get ready for the “new normal”. The Embassy of the Netherlands in Mexico and Holland House Mexico therefore hosted a webinar titled:

Back to the office: how to prepare for the “new normal”

The objective of this webinar was to explore what corporate culture could look like under the "new normal". HHM members and Dutch companies active in the business of corporate events and office spaces shared their stories with the audience.

Judith Maas, Head of Economic Affairs at our Embassy, welcomed the participants. Next, Dulce Trujillo from RED Explorer, a company dedicated to corporate events and tourism shared their experiences. The corona crisis made part of their core business no longer possible, pushing them to reinvent and adapt. In her presentation, Dulce explained what she and her team has learned in five comprehensive tendencies that focus on the question of who we are as individuals, new corporate and office dynamics, virtual events, presential events and virtual tools. Dulce shared how her company RED Explorer has adapted and is now venturing into hybrid events.

During the webinar, the audience was asked when they expect to be able to return to the office. It was a tie between July and August, both resulting in 43 percent of the votes. None of the participants expects the return to the office to be later than September 2020.

Representing the Dutch flexible office provider Spaces, Jessica Parras and Juan Ramón García explained what measures their offices have been implementing to secure a safe working environment. They assured the audience that, maintaining a healthy distance from other people and ensuring to implement the hygiene measures their offices have implemented, it is totally safe to come back to work. Jessica also remarked that companies are seeking alternative ways to provide their employees with a safe working environment.

The last presentation of the afternoon was by Daan Bisseling of VESCOM, a company that excels in the design and upholstery of corporate spaces. Apart from mentioning creative and innovative approaches to office layouts and furniture, he spoke of the evolution of office spaces; from cubicles in the mid-80s, to shared co-working spaces in the form of corporate living rooms, the office as a dynamic hub, and the new “office at home”.

When asked whether the audience prefers to work from home, at the office, or a combination of both, an overwhelming majority of 79 percent of voters indicated to be happy to do their job in a combination of home office and physical office. Or perhaps we should rephrase to “office at home”, as Daan Bisseling rightly suggested in his presentation.

Please click here for a recording of the session. We thank the speakers and audience for their participation.