Published on October 27, 2020

Webinar: Panorama of the Mango within the European market

On 23 April 2020, EMEX (Export mango packers), UMP (United Mexican Producers) & HHM held a webinar aimed at Mexican mango producers, European mango buyers, among other subjects of participation of the sector. 


EMEX (Mango Export Packers), United Mexican Producers & Holland House Mexico co-organized a webinar about the panorama for the mango within the European market in the scenario of the outbreak of COVID-19. Aimed at Mexican mango producers, European mango buyers, among other subjects of participation of the sector.

Sheyla Márquez, coordinator of the Agri-food & Horticulture sector was the moderator of the webinar where Mexican mango producers and packers were the main subjects.

Two technical discussions were held: The Hortimaq representative in Mexico explained the technology behind Liquidseal, which is a <<chem-free packaging which achieves shelf life extension, maintained product quality and reduction of product loss during the process of post-harvest, transport, storage, and sale>>. And, the second one by logistic experts talking about the advantages of the sea route they are working on, for the producers and the whole supply chain activity. 

European clients shared their opinion for the upcoming months for fresh products. Although banana and apples saw the increased demand in the first weeks of the lockdown, the demand for non-perishable products was higher, due to the uncertain atmosphere all over the world. The past two weeks, perishable products -such as mango- are showing increasing demand. The situation? In Peru -the main mango exporter to the Netherlands- the mango season is almost over, and prices are higher now as the mango offer is not enough for the demand.

To conclude the webinar, experts emphasized the importance of diversifying the sales beyond the U.S., and why the European Union is a potential market for interested parties, for its infrastructure and the increasing demand for the so-called <exotic> fruit. Also, producers and packers were suggested to get relevant certifications to meet the quality requirements asked by challenging markets, such as the European Union.

Thank you for your participation in this webinar.